“Intriguing and captivating, “Arterial” presents the infrastructures built by mankind as a parallel to living, breathing organisms. Driving on streets that pump cars instead of blood cells, we find loneliness and routine only broken by fantasy.” The reaction of Rodrigo Pieto – Cinematographer of Wolf of Wall Street, Brokeback Mountain, and Amores Perros and judge of Shooting People’s Film Of The Month - to Arterial.

An adaption of the Keats poem La Belle Dame Sans MerciArterial is a silent short film set in the industrial hinterlands of England. A poetic meditation on desire, escape and the influence of landscape and environment on our state of mind.

Written and Directed by Christopher Ian Smith. Starring Christian Kinde and Sheena May. Original soundtrack by electronic music artists Isan. Arterial has screened at various festivals across the world in 2013.


ARTERIAL from Modern on Vimeo.